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About Us

Urban banya.com is the urbanized platform for people to buy grocery and get it delivered at their door step, as we say “ You shop We deliver”. We all have experienced standing in long ques at Grocery stores most often when we need to be at some other place. As the parent of young children, grocery shopping was always the most necessary evil. Fighting crowds, finding parking and long lines with small children required inner patience that often ran dry .

Therefore urban banya with an intention to serve and ease you offers you with doorstep delivery of large varieties of products to cater your daily grocery needs on one platform. Urban banya.com ensures you the best quality products and on time delivery .So Just click And Relax.

The venture, formed under canopy of the connoisseur trio panel, got incorporated on 08 June 2015. The notion was conceived by Prateek Tayal , who further assimilated views of his friends Ankit Dewan & Sandal Gulati. This way, it germinated, the inception of venture, as it turns out to be promising on date.


Prateek Tayal (COO)

He is always on his toes to serve you
better . His acumen into Business World and associated quantifications made him a blessing for venture decisiveness.

Sandal Gulati (CMO)

Young Professional, with spectrum
Young Professional, with spectrum him to be a blissful asset to the venture.

Ankit Dewan (CFO)

A Punjabi Guy with a true BANYA Bargaining skills ,He wants to Give best deals to Urban Banya customers. His Presence into the venture ensures Envisioned the venture ensures Envisioned